Roxana Vargas, MA
Roxana Vargas, Psychotherapist at FACES
Roxana is a veteran MFT Associate with several years experience in English and Spanish working with families, couples and children. Her warm, professional listening skills attract her clients to continue to their goals.
  • Private sessions with the therapist. 
  • Individual, Couples, Co-parenting, Crisis Counseling.
  • Fees are on a sliding scale depending on income. 
  • To schedule an appointment, contact FACES

Individual Psychotherapy/Family Counseling

  • High Conflict Family Problems
  • Co-Parenting Counseling
  • Post-divorce adjustment
  • Extended Mediation
  • Single Parenting issues
  • Post Divorce family issues
  • Step Parenting
  • Identity problems
  • Stress problems
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Anger
  • Substance abuse
  • Family violence

Individual Personal Empowerment Sessions for Women

  • Self esteem; Boundaries
  • Stress management
  • Parenting skill building
  • Communication skills; Assertion
  • Job seeking skills


Couples Counseling -- Marital, Pre-Marital, Conjoint

  • Family rules
  • Expectations
  • Family history review
  • Communication
  • Assertion training
  • Boundaries
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Other addictions


Parent/Child Counseling

  • Communication
  • Appropriate expression of feelings
  • Setting boundaries
  • Family rules
  • Strengthening the relationship


Co-parenting Counseling


  • Similar to an extended mediation
  • Focus on time-sharing the child
  • Teach healthy communication skills to co-parent successfully
  • When parents still disagree even after several modification hearings
  • Frustrations over parenting styles of the other parent
  • Chemical dependency problems with the other parent
  • Children feeling pulled by either parent


Adult Children of Divorce Counseling


  • For adults affected by their parents’ divorce.
  • Adults with commitment issues, fear of confrontation issues, etc.

Reunification Counseling: Parent/Child 6 weeks to 26 weeks

Dealing with issues after separation, for example:

  • Child is estranged from parent
  • Parent has been absent and wants a safe forum to get reacquainted with the child
  • Parent has been accused of violence in the home
  • Child doesn’t want to visit with the other parent
  • Child doesn’t know the other parent
  • One parent refuses to send the child to the other parent’s home

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