• Registration fee is required for classes.
    • Class fees are on a sliding scale depending on income.

    • To register:

Parenting Classes  26 weeks

  • Address many topics about parenting
  • More serious issues in family
  • Addresses anger management issues

Parenting Classes  16 weeks

For parents involved in conflict, to focus on the needs of the child in a divorce or separation. 
Topics include:

  • Discipline
  • Setting boundaries
  • Developmental needs of the child during divorce

Co-parenting Classes – 16 weeks – “Parenting Solo” Book

  • Program focus is for parents who have difficulty communicating at all
  • For parents continually stressed over issues regarding their children

Anger Management – 26 weeks – “ABCs of Anger Manage­ment” Book

  • Verbal abuse with children present
  • Work-related problems with anger
  • Continued negative communication over children between parents
  • Road rage with children, other parents present
  • Bullying behaviors at home
  • Passive aggressive, alleged child-alienating parent
  • Non-verbal threats of violence
  • Victims of violence
  • Both parents involved in violence

Relapse Prevention: Healing Circle

  • 26 week adult class
  • includes group orientation prior to enrollment
  • drug testing if court ordered
  • at Fullerton office in Orange County

Teen Anger Management – 16 weeks

  • Topic driven group for teens to teach social skill building and positive attitude

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