I want to enroll in FACES Counseling or Classes. I will select a class or service from the drop down list below and provide my information. I will be contacted by FACES staff regarding my enrollment. For more information, I can call 714 447-9024

Thank you for choosing FACES for your classes. FACES classes are relaxed, and conversational. The classes last 1.5 hours. You will be contacted after filling out this form by your therapist who is facilitating the class, or therapist who has been assigned to your family's case. If this form is completely filled out, you can consider this your enrollment form. Please have a copy of your court order to verify your service required. You can scan and upload a copy of the court order and mail to counseling1@facescal.org. Feel free to leave a message of any length regarding your situation. We look forward to seeing you. 714.447.9024